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Anti-Ageing Therapy with Cold Laser

This anti-ageing treatment is an effective pain-free alternative or addition to conventional methods like dermal fillers and Botox. It rejuvenates your skin and reduces wrinkles, by using cold laser technology to help put Hyaluronic Acid back into your body. The treatment consists of up to six applications, distributed over two sessions per week for three weeks. Each application lasts about an hour and is designed to relax you, without any pain or side effects.

Our qualified therapist will apply the Hyaluronic Acid gel over the whole of the face, followed by a massage and cold laser treatment. The results are dramatic and visible from the first sessions (see the results here). There is a complete regeneration of your skin and you should enjoy an improved complexion and more uniform texture.

Our cold Laser treatment stimulates the renewal of tissue and reactivates the production of endogenous Hyaluronic Acid (which your body creates naturally). This increase in cellular activity increases the production of elastin and collagen, activating the natural process by which your skin produces its own additional Hyaluronic Acid.


1. Preparation – 2 Days Before – drink plenty of water, refrain from wearing makeup
2. Deep Cleansing
3. Hyaluronic Acid gel application + Massage
4. Laser Irradiation
5. Water Massage
6. Moisturiser Cream
7. After care Vitamin C Serum

Repeat the Session

Treatment Prices (All treatments last 1 hour)

SPECIAL OFFER until the end of February 2014 – Any 6 Laser treatments & 6 Facelift Massages £400

Packages are available for a full course of six treatments.
Maintenance Treatments are required to keep up Hyaluronic Acid levels every 4-6 weeks.
See the results here.