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Sports Massage

This is a specialised form of deep tissue massage, using a range of massage and advanced soft tissue techniques, to stretch and release tension within the muscles, tendons and ligaments, that build up during physical activity.

Haven Therapies Seaford Sussex - Deep Tissue Massage - Shoulder and BackHaven Therapies Seaford Sussex - Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Sports massage can help to prevent those niggling injuries that can occur in any one doing regular exercise. It can also be used to promote healing, and as a pre or post event treatment or as part of a regular body maintenance routine.

Deep tissue massage is not restricted to sports people, as it can benefit anyone who wishes to improve their mobility.

When combined with Hot Stones Fusion Massage, the heat from the stones relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow, relieving pain and discomfort. This also enables the therapist to work more deeply and more effectively with chronic pain conditions.

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