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Haven Therapies - Reflexology - SeafordReflexology is a soothing and restorative treatment of primarily the feet, but can also be performed on the hands. It is a natural, holistic therapy, treating body and mind equally.

The client lies on a couch and is wrapped in blankets ; the feet are then massaged prior to the treatment.

Reflexology is based on the discovery that there are points on the feet and hands which correspond to organs and systems within the body. Precise and reassuring finger pressures detect areas of imbalance, and then open up the healing energy of the body. These pressures enact a response or reflex in the chosen area of the body and restore the client’s balance and vitality.

Reflexology is a wonderfully soothing treatment which increases the cleansing, nourishing work of the circulation. It can also  improve energy and immunity, provide a deep state of relaxation, decrease stress, and encourage balance and well-being.

It has also been shown to be effective for :

Back pain, Migraine, Infertility,  Arthritis,  Sleep disorders,  Hormonal imbalances, Digestive disorders and Stress-related conditions.



Treatment Prices

Reflexology (1 Hr)
(45min-55min + advice)
First appointment £45 Subsequent appointments £40
Concessions available